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Löffelerbsen, literally translated as “Pea Soup”, is a dish popular in Berlin and in the area around it, as it is prepared according to a local recipe. The main ingredient for this thick broth is a type of yellow beans which are soaked over the night in water, then peeled and boiled together with other components like: smoked bacon or pork meat, onions, greens, marjoram, bay leaf, salt and ground pepper. Onions are chopped and browned in pork fat; when the beans are tender enough the bacon or pork meat is taken out of the pot, diced and tossed back together with some potatoes which are also peeled and cut into small pieces. There is another variant of this recipe which is made without bacon or meat, a vegetarian version which is popular in this region, as well. The soup is rather thick and is served hot, ladled in bowls and complemented with brown or rye bread.

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Berliner Löffelerbsen,

Löffelerbsen mit Speck,

Berliner Löffelerbsen,