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Löwenbräu Lager

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Löwenbräu Larger is a kind of Swiss beer, traditionally produced by Hurlimann Company from Zurich. Generally speaking, Löwenbräu, meaning "lion's brew", is a brewery owned by a Belgian company in Munich that produces a Munich-style beer which is exported a lot. Lately, many of the smaller breweries adopted more original names or went out of business entirely. The Swiss brand of beverage is considered to be good, overall, but too fizzy and bitter when getting warmer. It is good to be drunk ice-cold, when its flavors of bread and a touch of citrus can be maximally felt. This beer is not the best company of a heavy meal, but is rather cooling and filling up on a hot summer day.

Löwenbräu's popularity peaked in the 1980s when it was sold in every major supermarket and had high product placement in films such as To Live And Die In LA, Year of the Dragon, and Manhunter, as well as being the preferred beer of bands like Mötley Crüe and RATT and appearing in their videos.

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