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Lamb Kebabs (yangrou chuanr, 羊肉串)

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Lamb Kebabs (yanrou Chuanr, 羊肉串) are small pieces of meat on skewers roasted over charcoal or, sometimes, electric heat. Lamb Kebabs are also sometimes cooked by deep frying in oil (popular in Beijing).

Kebabs (Chuanr) were traditionally made from lamb (yáng ròu chuàn, 羊肉串), which is still the most common, but now, chicken, pork, beef, and various types of seafood can also be used. Especially in touristy areas, chuanr can be found made with various insects and bugs, birds, and other exotic animals. Lamb kebabs (羊肉串) may be spiced according to preference, but generally cumin seed (孜然, zīrán), dried pepper flakes, salt, and sesame or sesame oil are sprinkled or brushed onto it.

Lamb Kebabs originated in the Xinjiang province of China and in recent years have spread throughout the rest of the country, most notably in Beijing, Tianjin, and Jilin, where it is a popular street food. It is a product of the Chinese Islamic cuisine of the Uyghur people and other Chinese Muslims.

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