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Lamb chops in lemon egg sauce

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Lamb in lemon egg sause.jpg

Lamb chops in lemon egg sauce is a popular dish in Italy. It is also called Abbacchio Brodettato. The main ingredients include lamb chops, lemon juice and eggs. The chops are browned and chicken broth is added while preparing it. Then lemon egg sauce is poured on the chops and cooked untill ready. Other ingredients might be added such as white wine, parsley leaves and marjoram. It is served immediately. This dish has its origins in Jewish-Italian cuisine. In Rome, it is a tradition to cook a leg of lamb in lemon egg sauce for the Easter fest.

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Roman Lamb or Kid in Lemon-Egg Sauce - Abbacchio Brodettato,

Lamb Chops in Lemon Egg Sauce,

Italian Lamb Chops in Lemon Egg Sauce,