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Leche con Plátano

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Banana milkshake 03.jpg

Leche con Plátano, literally translated as “banana milkshake”, is a popular fresh, non-alcoholic drink in Santiago, greatly enjoyed by both, children and adults. It is especially good during the season when bananas are ripe and there is an abundance of them anywhere at markets, street vendors, farmers etc. The ingredients for the shake are: milk, traditionally whole milk is used, bananas, sugar/honey and whipping cream (optionally). Preparation is very easy as all components are put in a blender and thoroughly mixed until a well combined and smooth mass results. It is served in a tall glass, topped with whipping cream, or in any cup or glass for juice, tea, water etc. The drink is very healthy and thirst cooling, although the taste is rather plain, it is sweet and adored by little kids.

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Leche con Platano (Banana Milkshake),

Banana Milk Shake,