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Leisha Dumpling (擂沙圆)

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Leisha dumplings are glutinous-rice dumplings which can be filled with either assorted meat (usually pork or chicken) or sweet filling such as red bean or sesame paste. Preparation is easy and quick, it consisting of covering the rice ball with powder in order to prevent it from sticking to each other, as well as add more color and flavor to the dish. The powder coating can alternate between sesame or ground adzuki bean.

It is said that at the end of Qing Dynasty era, an old lady called Lei made a living from setting up a glutinous-rice dumpling stall in Shanghai. In order to make the store-bought rice dumplings more attractive for the customers, she has tried various methods, ultimately deciding that coating them with ground adzuki bean is the best way.

The rice dumpling is soft and chewy, it being finely coated with aromatic powder. When combined with a sweet fluffy filling inside, this Shanghai appetizer becomes overpoweringly attractive to people of all ages, it appealing especially to those who want to indulge their sweet tooth.

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