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Lekvar is a thick jam or fruit butter. It is a very thick, sometimes coarse jam of pure ripe fruit. Lekvar is of Central and Eastern European origin.

Hungarian lekvár, jam, from Slovak lekvár, from Czech lektvar, means electuary (a medicinal paste composed of powders, or other medical ingredients, incorporated with sweeteners to hide the taste, like syrup, honey, jam, etc., for the purposes of oral consumption).

Lekvár is usually made of fruits like apricot, peach, strawberry, plum, prune, raspberry, cherry or sour cherry, but apples, and less usually, green whole walnuts, muscadine grapes or figs may also be used.

Lekvar is used in filling palacsinta pancakes, pastries like Buchteln (or buchta), kifli, or strudel and other sweet yeast breads, pastries, cookies, and pierogi, as a spread on toast or bisquits, and in fruit sauces.

In Hungary, good houskeeping calls for home made lekvár cooking in the autumn, when most fruits are ripened. In Poland, lekvar is a regional food cooked in the Lower Vistula Valley in Poland. Several villages organize folk feasts, during which lekvar is cooked in copper kettles (cauldrons).

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