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Lemon Soda

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Lemon Soda, also called Limonata in Italy, is a popular nonalcoholic beverage in Venice and in the whole Italy. This sparkling carbonated drink is made from concentrated lemon juice (12%-16%), water, sugar, and natural fruity flavors. It tastes like lemon drops sweets: a strong candy sweetness enwraps the tongue and then a long sour taste lasts long after you've swallowed it. It is produced by different Italian manufacturers such as the famous San Pellegrino, Santa Vittoria and is sold in cans and glass bottles. It is a great delicious drink on a hot day, refreshing in a way, but a little sour to be a real thirst-satisfying kind of beverage.

A bubbly, sweet, and delicate beverage that tastes good to kids and grown-ups. Italian soda type drinks are usually very refreshing and delicious!

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