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Lingua de porco estufada

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Lingua de porco estufada is another delicious traditional Portuguese dish. Its main ingredient is pork tongue. Pork tongues are simmered with some bacon or beef, onions, garlic, cloves, carrots, bay leaves, tomatoes, peas or beans, parsley, wine (usually white), olive oil and broth. The Lingua de porco estufada is served plain with the sauce pork tongues were simmered in or with other side dishes like rice cooked with some butter, mushed potatoes, fried potatoes, cooked vegetables or a vegetable salad.

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Lingua de Porco Estufada,

Língua de Porco Estufada em Vinho Tinto,

Línguas de Porco Estufadas,

Lingua de Porco Estufada,