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Lu Dan (滷蛋)

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Lu Dan (滷蛋), literally translated as Stewed Egg, is a very common salad in Taiwan, usually served alone or with rice, noodles; the locals even prefer it to the beer. The principal ingredient for this dish is the eggs which are cooked in soy sauce and spices, traditionally anise, then soaked in the same mixture for some hours in order to absorb all the fragrances and tastes from it. The salad made from these braised eggs, cut in quarters, has also as components ginger thinly sliced, spring onion, garlic, chili and seasoning like salt, pepper, rice wine, cinnamon and soy sauce. As a result, the eggs get a radiant brown color, which is quite unusual but very appetizing. Lu Dan is simply the best match with a lunchbox, as it is hearty and healthy.

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