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Luigi's Piadina

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Piadina, the most popular being Luigi’s Piadina, is a common street food in Zurich, which is widely preferred by locals and tourists alike. This is a kind of soft flat bread that came to Switzerland from Romagna, northern Italy, and is now considered a traditional snack not only in the Italian cantons of the country, but all over it. Piadina is traditionally prepared from white flour, olive oil, salt and water. A soft dough is kneaded, then rolled out thin and fried on a terracotta pan or a flat pan or an electrical grill. Piadina is usually filled with prosciutto crudo, Swiss chard or spinach, cheeses as Taleggio or Mozzarella or any other ingredients available at the stalls. The snack is really flavory and rich of taste and is a perfect dish for a rush hour or a very busy day.

Luigi’s Piadina is sold at the Zurich train station by husband and wife, Luigi and Vreni Langone, who use a family, highly-guarded recipe. The customer’s taste is a rule for them, as one may skip the menu and ask directly for what he or she would like to have.

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