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Lumache alla Milanese

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Lumache alla Milanese is a Lombardian dish consisting of snails, garlic, butter, oil, pepper, parsley, celery, fennel seeds, salt and pepper. The preparation is meticulous, as the snails are first browned in a pan with oil, garlic, parsley and celery, then placed in a large pot with hot water or broth along with fennel and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Other variations of ingredients may be white wine, corn flour, onion, vinegar, all added only to enrich the taste and flavour of this dish. The serving is as original as the recipe itself because it is done in the following way: butter and crumbs of walnuts are mixed together, then snails are put in their shells and sealed with the buttery paste. Lumache alla Milanese are best eaten hot and slowly.

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