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Ma Lai Koh (马拉糕)

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Ma lai koh.jpg

Ma lai koh is a delicious steamed sponge cake. It is served in many dim sum restaurants. It is also called Malay cake, though popular throughout Hong Kong. The dish is easy to prepare and simple ingredients are used: fresh milk, sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, flour. Sugar and eggs are whisked and mixed with oil and milk till smooth; the salt, flour are added then. After resting for a while, the batter is poured into plastic moulds. Cup cakes are steamed for about ten minutes. Cheese lovers can add grated Parmesan cheese which gives a strong flavor.

Ma lai koh is typically served hot or warm with a cup of tea.

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Ma Lai Koh,

Ma Lai Koh (modern version) 馬拉糕,

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