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Maczanka krakowska

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Maczanka krakowska, literally translated as "pork stew", is a Polish main dish which consists of pork, butter, onion, flour, small rolls, spices. This dish is common for Polish cuisine and is widely popular in Krakow, being found at most local restaurants.

Preparation is simple and does not require much time as the meat is rubbed with a mixture of spices and olive oil, soy sauce, honey and left in a cold place for half a day; afterwards it is fried a little on both sides. Onion, plums, bay leaf, mushrooms are added to the fried meat, all being covered with water and simmered until the meat is soft and tender. After baking, meat is removed and cut into slices, the remaining sauce is thickened with flour. Lastly, the meat is placed on buns which are topped with the resulting sauce.

Maczanka krakowska is eaten hot alongside pickled cucumbers and accompanied by a glass of selected red wine. The spicy taste of the dish in combination with aromatic flavors make it a real delicacy and a good "fest for the empty belly".

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