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Magenbrot is a kind of sweet gingerbread, very popular in Switzerland round the year, but especially during winter holidays, when the aroma of ginger persists in the air. The ingredients for this are: flour, sugar, cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, baking soda and water for the initial dough, and icing sugar, water, margarine, cinnamon and dark chocolate for the glaze. The aromatic components and flour are all mixed well and kneaded in soft dough which is baked in the oven. For the glaze, the chocolate is melted in warm water and stirred with the rest of the flavory ingredients. The bread is previously cut in small pieces and coated in the chocolate base sauce, and, left to dry for some time. There are special street stalls in Zurich which offer Magenbrot to all sweet lovers.

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