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Malbec is a variety of purple grape used for making red wine that was introduced to Argentina by the French agricultural engineer Michel Pouget in 1868.

Malbec is widely planted in Argentina, it producing a softer, less tannic-driven variety than the wines of Cahors.

Argentine Malbec wine is characterized by a deep color and intense fruity flavors, also by having a velvety texture. Even if it is more plush in texture than the French Malbec, the Argentinian one managed to show aging potential similar to their French counterparts.

The Mendoza region is the leading producer of Malbec in Argentina with plantings found throughout the country in places such as La Rioja, Salta, San Juan, Catamarca and Buenos Aires.

Malbec is also grown in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, British Columbia, the Long Island AVA of New York, Oregon, Washington State, southern Bolivia, northeastern Italy and recently in Texas and southern Ontario as well as in the Baja California region of Mexico.

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