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Mango Ice

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Mango ice is a popular dessert in Taipei, especially in summertime, which consists basically of shaved ice and mango cubes. Shaved ice can be seen at many street vendors and stalls, offered with different fruits, flavors, syrups, but, mango ice is the most popular amongst the locals. The flavor of this fruit can catch a person’s attention and raise the interest in such an unusual street snack. It is commonly served on a plate where the ice is arranged in a pile, on which there are sprinkled fruit cubes of fresh mango, a kind of jelly or custard and sweet or condensed milk on the top of all. The place where one can find this delicious treat in Taipei is Ice Monster, overcrowded in summer with tourists and locals enjoying their desserts together and chatting about how it is being made and which variant is tastiest.

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Mango Ice in Taipei,

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Taiwan Street Food: Mango Shaved Ice W/ Condensed Milk- 芒果牛奶冰,