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Manti (dumpling)

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Manti are a type of dumpling, widely popular in Turkish and various Central Asian and Northwest China and Caucasian cuisines. Turkish Manti are smaller and looks like Tortellini. A dough wrapper is usually made of flour, eggs, salt and a bit of warm water. A common filing for Manti is a mixed mass prepared of spiced meat (usually ground beef or lamb), chopped onions and different herbs. In Turkish cuisine, manti are typically served topped with yogurt and garlic and spiced with red pepper powder and melted butter, and topped with ground sumac or dried mint.

Although there are many different variations of manti -in terms of shape and way of serving- the most praised type of manti is known as Kayseri Mantisi -a special kind of manti belong to Kayseri - an Anatolian city of Turkey. The characteristic of Kayseri Mantisi is that it is very tiny and it is served with yogurt, oil (caramelized with tomato paste) and seasonings. Manti may be made from shredded meat of quail or chicken in some regions of Turkey, while 'boş mantı' ('empty dumpling') lack filling entirely.

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