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Marengo Veal Sauté

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Veau Marengo and Polenta

Veal Marengo (Veau Marengo) seems to have been invented on June 14, 1800. That day Napoleon was fighting the Austrians in Italy near the village Marengo. Dunand, Napoleon's cook had little ingredients to use that day so he decided to improvise with whatever was available. He had a chicken, crayfish, a few eggs and tomatoes. He also added onions, garlic and some herbs. Napoleon liked the dish very much and when he returned to Paris he asked for it again. With time Dunand changed the dish up to the point of making it unrecognizable from the form it was made on the battlefield. He replaced the chicken with veal, and excluded the crayfish and eggs.

Nowadays there are a few versions of this dish with different kinds of meat and some variation in ingredients. The modern version of Veal Marengo is made with onions, butter, shallots, Paris mushrooms (champignons), bouquet garni, tomatoes, wine, parsley, pepper, vegetable oil and certainly veal. It is served hot with mashed potatoes or pasta.

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