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Maritozzi con lievito naturale (pasta madre).jpg

Maritozzi, also called Sweet Marriage Bread, are soft pastry buns. Maritozzi are usually made with eggs, sugar, milk, leavened bread dough, raisins and peeled orange skin. All the ingredients are mixed and the obtained dough is cut in many small rolls. After allowing them to rest for a while, they are baked for 6-7 minutes.


The word “Maritozzi” literally means “little husbands”. The legend says that young girls which were looking for husbands, used to cook lots of maritozzi and bring them to the town square to sell. Guys would buy the better looking ones and take home to eat. The girl with the best looking and tastiest maritozzi would definitely get good recommendations for marriage to available bachelors.

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Maritozzi con la panna,