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Marokánky (marokánské pancakes) are hard, sweet cakes of Arab origin. They are a part of the traditional Czech cuisine, as well as many of the surrounding countries.

The original recipe included ingredients like honey, nuts, dates (type of dark brown fruit), sugar, cocoa, vanilla and even hashish, which could be find only in marokanky (in the Czech Republic is considered an illegal drug). Manufactured marokanky usually include lemon or orange peel, sugar, raisins and nuts instead of peanuts. After baking, they are traditionally brushed with chocolate or cocoa topping. There is a wide array of recipes for marokánky, containing various ingredients such as condensed milk, dried or candied fruit, almonds, coconut and others, which give the dessert a truly delicious taste. The dessert is mainly prepared during holidays and is one of the most popular Christmas cookies in the Czech Republic. Italian florentýnky have a similar composition, that's why people always confuse them with marokanky.

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