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Mate cocido

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Mate cocido (boiled maté) is an infusion typical of Southern Cone cuisine. It is traditionally prepared by boiling yerba maté in water, then strained and served in cups. It is a bitter tasting beverage, similar to mate but softer, with the same stimulating and nutritional properties.

There are several varieties of mate cocido, the main ones being the traditional mate cocido (made from yerba mate, sometimes consumed with milk and sweetened), the flavored one (that has an additional flavor of lemon, peach, vanilla, orange or tangerine) and the iced mate cocido (also called "cold mate cocido").

It can also be prepared as tea and then sold in tea-bags. The elaboration of mate cocido in tea-bags is almost the same as that of regular yerba mate, with the only difference that when grinding the dust, sticks are removed and leaves are the only ones left to be sorted and processed. The mate cocido is also produced in soluble form.

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