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Matjes is a kind of soused herring that is widely eaten and served in Germany at most local restaurants, buffets, bistros and which can be bought from supermarkets at a rather accessible price. The dish represents herring fillets marinated in a brine made from cider, wine or tea, sugar, herbs (usually bay leaf), spices like mace and chopped onion. Matjes is an especially mild salt herring, which is made from young immature herrings.

It is served cold, traditionally complemented with other dishes like potatoes, fried or boiled in their skins, French beans, finely sliced fried bacon and onions. In Germany it is also common to eat soused herring with sliced raw onions in a bread roll, the dish being known as Matjesbrötchen. In some regions it is served in salads, or on dark bread with a cow-berry and cream or yogurt sauces containing onions and gherkins.

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