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Mazanec is a traditional Czech sweet bread usually consumed on Easter. The composition of the bread is made of sweet yeast dough, which is the same used for Christmas cakes. The traditional recipe usually contains white flour, yeast, yolks of eggs, sugar, milk, butter, vanilla sugar, golden currants or small pieces of fruits, and various spices (especially saffron and cloves), ingredients which gives the dough a yellow color and enrich the flavor. Before baking, it is marked with a cross on the top (two intersecting cuts), then smeared with a mix of beaten eggs and milk and sprinkled with almonds. In Australia, a chocolate variation is also widely consumed, containing usually the same composition, with the only difference that pieces of chocolate are used instead of raisins.

The oldest Czech culinary versions of preparing Mazanec dates back to the 15th and early 16th centuries. The dessert, which has the shape of a big round bread, is considered a specialty in Prague, and can also be found in all Czech cafeterias and markets.

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Babiččin mazanec,

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