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Traditional Mendoza Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Mendoza is complete without tasting the traditional Mendoza food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Mendoza to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.


  • Arroz con leche: rice pudding.
  • Chimichurri: sauce of herbs made from chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable oil or olive oil, white or red vinegar, and red pepper flakes.
  • Jamón serrano: jamón (dry-cured ham).
  • Sopaipilla: fried pastry.
  • Sweetbreads (ris): the thymus or the pancreas as well as various other glands especially of the calf or lamb.


  • Carbonada: beef stew made of corn, squash, rice, sweet potatoes, apples and pears.
  • Puchero: meat-based stew, potatoes and various vegetables (cabbage, celery, squash, chard, carrots).
  • Quibebe: winter squash soup.


Main courses

  • Estofado: meat (beef or chicken), vegetables (potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peas), salt, black pepper.
  • Fideos: thin noodles with pureed tomato, chile peppers, garlic, and onion.
  • Humita: fresh corn, sautéed onions and some spices.
  • Mashed potato: potatoes, butter, vegetable oil, milk or cream, salt and pepper.
  • Milanesa napolitana: breaded meat with cheese, tomatoes and in some special cases, ham.
  • Sandwiches de miga: white bread, sliced meat, ham, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, mayonnaise.
  • Sorrentinos: big round ravioles stuffed with mozzarella, ham, and sometimes ricotta too.
  • Tortillas: omelets of egg, onion and potato.


  • Alfajor: flour, honey, almonds and several spices, such as cinnamon.
  • Churro: fried-dough pastry filled with dulce de leche, but also with chocolate and vanilla.
  • Dulce de batata: a sweet jelly, which resembles a marmalade made of sweet potatoes.
  • Dulce de leche: caramel-like milk-based sauce.
  • Dulce de membrillo: quince fruit, sugar and water, cooked over a slow fire.
  • Ensaïmada: flour, water, sugar, eggs, mother dough, saïm.
  • Goat cheese with honey: cheese, honey.
  • Marzipan: a confection consisting primarily of sugar and almond meal.

Fast food

  • Chorizo: pork sausage.
  • Milanesa: a thin slice of beef, or sometimes chicken or veal dipped into beaten eggs, seasoned with salt, and other condiments.
  • Morcilla: blood sausage.

Street food

  • Asado: grilled meat.
  • Chitterlings: intestines of a pig.
  • Short ribs: are a popular cut of beef, usually more tender and meatier than their pork counterpart.

Drinks (Non-alcoholic)

  • Mate: infusion, sugar, aromatic herbs, orange peel.
  • Mate cocido: infusion that is boiled and served, as coffee or tea, with milk or sugar.
  • Chamomile: infusion for tea which is commonly used to help with sleep and is often served with either honey or lemon.

Drinks (Alcoholic)

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