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Milanesa napolitana

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The milanesa is a common meat dish in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico as well as in other American countries to a lesser extent, where breaded meat fillet preparations are known as a milanesa.

A milanesa consists of a thin slice of beef, or sometimes chicken or veal. Each slice is dipped into beaten eggs, seasoned with salt, and other condiments according to the cook's taste (like parsley and garlic). Each slice is then dipped in breadcrumbs (or occasionally flour) and shallow-fried in oil, one at a time.

The delicious taste of the milanesa napolitana is due to the tomato paste, mozzarella cheese and ham that are added at the end of preparation. "Neapolitan" is not taken from "Neapolitan Pizza", but because it was first made and sold in Pizzeria Napoli owned by Jose Napoli in Argentina in the 1930s.

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