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Milchrahmstrudel is a classic Viennese pastry dish, which came into vogue during the time of the Austria-Hungarian monarchy and which is widely cooked and sold in Munich and in the whole region of Bavaria. The first mention of Milchrahmstrudel' recipe can be found in Hardt Wolfhelm of Hohberg encyclopaedia Georgica Curiosa Aucta at the beginning of the 18th Century, which itself refers back to an anonymous hand-written cook book, where it was frequently cited Franz Stelzer (1842-1913) as the "inventor" of this dessert, who worked as an innkeeper in Breitenfurt in Vienna.


For the filling of the pastry, cheese or fruits are cut in small cubes, then combined with rolls moistened in a mixture of milk, egg yolks, sugar, butter, vanilla, grated lemon peel, sour cream, mashed plugs and raisins. The topping is made from milk, sugar and egg; furthermore, some butter is used for basting the form and to keep the dough pliable. The cake is served as a dessert course, complemented with vanilla sauce, the so-called "Kanarimilch", which is abundantly poured on top.

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Milchrahmstrudel à la Sacher (Milk and Curd Cheese Strudel),