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Milhojas or Milhojas de Dulce de Leche is a delightful dessert popular in Argentina. The cake is prepared with several puff pastry layers being spread with Dulche de Leche (sweet caramel cream spread) or Chantilly cream in between. The cake is often served with whipped cream or ice cream.

In France this dessert is known as Mille-feuille or Napoleon. Traditional Mille-feuille consist of 3 puff pastry layers and whipped cream, jam or pastry cream in between. The top of the cake may be glazed with brown or white chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa, nuts or sugar.

In Australia, it is called a "vanilla slice", "cream slice", or more colloquially "snot block", and is filled with vanilla custard. It usually has only a top and bottom pastry layer. The sweet is often dusted with icing sugar, or topped with a plain or passionfruit flavoured icing. The filling is often flavoured with chocolate.

In Italy, it is called mille foglie and contains similar fillings. A savory Italian version consists of puff pastry filled with spinach, cheese or pesto, among other things. Another important distinction of the Italian variety is that it often consists of a layer of puff pastry with layers of sponge cake as well (E.G. from bottom to top, puff pastry, sponge cake strawberries and cream and then puff pastry).

In New Zealand, it is usually called a ‘custard square.’

In the United Kingdom, the cake is most often called a "vanilla slice" or a "cream slice", but can, on occasion, be named "mille-feuille" on branded products. They are never referred to as "Napoleons".

In Canada, mille-feuille is more commonly named 'gâteaux Napoléon,' or 'Napoleon Slice,' (in English Canada) due to the country's long French history. It is sold either with custard, whipped cream, or both, between three layers of puff pastry. Almond paste is the most common flavoured variety.

In Sweden as well as in Finland, the Napoleonbakelse (Napoleon pastry) is a mille-feuille filled with whipped cream, custard, and jam. The top of the pastry is glazed with icing and currant jelly. In Denmark and Norway, it is simply called Napoleon-cake.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, the tompouce or tompoes is the equivalent pastry. Several variations exist in Belgium, but in the Netherlands, it is iconic and the market allows preciously little variation in form, size, ingredients and colour.

In the Spanish milhojas, the puff pastry is thin and crunchy and the filling is only crème fraîche. They are often far deeper than solely of three layers of the pastry, and reach up to .5 feet (0.15 m) tall.

In Hong Kong, the 拿破侖 (Napoleon pastry) is layered with buttercream, chiffon cake and, occasionally, walnuts

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