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Milky (Hebrew: מילקי‎) is a dairy pudding produced in Israel by the Strauss corporation.

Milky is claimed to be the most successful dairy dessert on the Israeli market since its debut in 1980. Milky is sold in small containers with chocolate pudding on the bottom and whipped cream on the top. Milky was identical, in its original version, to a dessert sold by Groupe Danone in Germany as "Dany Sahne".

The company also produces מילקי הפוך (Milky Upside Down), with vanilla pudding and chocolate cream, as well as a vanilla-flavored Milky, a Milky with sprinkles on top, and an "aerated" version.

In 1986 Strauss premiered Milky's first video commercial to Israeli moviegoers entitled "Battle of the Milky." The commercial became a big hit and led to two sequels, "Battle of the Milky 2" and "Battle of the Milky 3." The actresses in the commercials were known as "Milky girls" and became an icon in their own right.

In 2003, a 22-year-old Technion student, Elaad Yair, discovered that whipped cream used in Milky contained a rennet-based gelatin. Vegetarians and those who keep kosher complained, resulting in the company's announcement that it would henceforth only use vegetable-based gelatin.

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