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Millionbøf is a Danish ground beef dish that is commonly served with boiled potatoes, pasta or rice. The name comes from the fact that the ground beef falls into lots of tiny pieces when pan fried in butter, margerine or oil. The dish should be seasoned with salt, pepper and perhaps a pinch of curry or paprika as needed. Additional ingredients such as canned tomatoes, beef broth, chopped carrots, fried chopped onions, and peppers can be added. It can also be made in a pot with onions, sweet pepper, corn and mashed tomatoes. As a sidedish you can eat it with pasta. The dish has a dark brown colour (usually obtained with the Danish colouring kulør) and has a flavour of sauteed beef with onions.

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Millionbøf ,

Millionbøf ,

Millionbøf ,