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Milzwurst is a local sausage primarily made in Upper and Lower Bavaria; it is the most common variety of sausage, its texture incorporating small Milzstücke (mostly of bovine origin).


There are three different variants of the Milzwurst: the most common is a cooked sausage in artificial casing, inlaid with Milzstücken, its diameter being five to nine inches; the second variant, in addition to Milzstücken also contains Briesstücke that is meat and calf's brains. In both species the main ingredient is the white sausage meat, which makes up almost two thirds of the sausage mixture and there are also pork and bovine spleen. Spices such as salt, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, grated onion, lemon and parsley are used. The third type is a rather rare specie and is filled with bovine mixture, containing other making parts than spleen, sweetbreads and brains.

Preparation and consumption

The first two varieties are made in a similar way as white sausages, as the bovine spleen is soaked for three hours in salty water and then stuffed with brains and sweetbreads, which are rinsed well and cooked a little, then cutting both into small cubes. Brain, sweetbreads, and the meats are mixed together, adding also all the necessary spices; the spleen is cut lengthwise, so that a pocket is formed into which the stuffing is placed, then it is sewed. The filled spleen is rolled in a cloth, cooked and then dipped in water to cool and unwrap of the cloth; the sausage is cut into thick slices.

For the consumption, the slices of Milzwurst are fried in a pan and are eaten hot and browned; it can also be cooked without fat in a roasting pan in the oven, where it is repeatedly infused with broth.

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Zweierlei Milzwurst mit Kartoffel-Gurken-Salat,