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Mofletta (מופלטה)

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Mofletta (Hebrew: מופלטה‎, also spelled Mufleta, Mofleta, Moufleta etc.) is a North African-Jewish pancake traditionally eaten during the Mimouna celebration, the day after Passover.

Mofletta is a thin crepe made from water, flour and oil. The dough is rolled out thinly and cooked in a greased frying pan until it is yellow-brown in color. It is usually eaten warm, spread with butter, honey, syrup or jam. The Mimouna holiday, brought to Israel by the Jewish communities of North Africa, notably Morocco, is celebrated immediately after Passover. In the evening, a feast of fruit, confectionery and pastries is set out for neighbors and visitors, and mofletta is one of the dishes traditionally served.

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