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The mother-in-law sandwich is a Chicago area fast food dish that features a Chicago-style corn-roll tamale nestled in a hot dog bun and smothered with chili. The mother-in-law is made with Chicago's unique style of tamale, a machine-extruded cornmeal roll, wrapped in paper, which is typically cooked in a hot-dog steamer. Most often the dish is filled with beef meat. This sandwich resembles the traditional Chicago style hot dog, only that the hot dog is replaced by tamale.


Some think that the African-Americans who migrated from the Southern United States to Chicago may have brought tamales to the Chicagoan cuisine, no one know how this sandwich developed. Others claim that this sandwich may have had its beginnings in Mexico City's torta de tamal which is a tamale on a bolillo. Unfortunately, there are no precise information about the origins of the Chicago tamale style.

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