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Moutarde de Meaux

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Braised Short Rib of Beef, with salt grits and meaux mustard sauce

Moutarde de Meaux or Meaux Mustard is a world trade mark that has been produced at least since 1632. It is made out of mustard seeds, mustard seed coat and spices. The qualities of this product remained unchanged, it is now the same as it was at the time of royal meals.

The origin of Moutarde de Meaux goes back to the Antiquity. Back then it was produced exclusively by the religious inhabitants of Meaux. It was exactly the same mustard that is known nowadays under the name of Moutarde de Meaux Pommery.

The mustard was officially served at the royal meals since 1632. The secret of this original mustard was given to M. J. B. Pommery by a Meaux religious dignitary in 1760. At first the house of Pommery produced the mustard under the cover of the cathedral then it moved to the house no. 69 in the suburb of St. Nicolas where it stayed until 1927. All this time it fiercely refused to disclose the secret of its recipe to anyone. In 1925 the last of the Pommery sold the mark, the business and the secret.

The Moutarde de Meaux contains a mix of “sinapis nigra” seeds crushed with water, vinegar and aromatics. In its composition are also present the mustard seeds and seed coat with spices, but just like the previous holder of the recipe the owner refuses categorically to give any details.

Meaux Mustard is used for the Meaux Mustard sauce that is served with white meat.

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