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Nakládaný Hermelín

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Nakládaný hermelín (Pickled Camembert - the name for marinated brie) is a classic Czech Pub dish made of soft cheese marinated with peppers, onion, garlic, all mixed with oil. Onions and garlic give the dish a characteristic flavor, this one being intensified by the fine aroma of pepper and salt. For variety, one can experience by adding different ingredients, as for example bits of peppers of various colors, depending on each individual's taste. It is traditionally eaten along with baguette or slices of fresh rye bread, some pickled vegetables on top, and beer.

There are many variations of preparing the pickled cheese, but most of them are based on marinating it in oil (sunflower or olive) or it can also be deep fried. Nakládaný hermelín can be easily made home, following some traditional recipes: in most cases the cheese is cut horizontally, onions into rings, garlic into slices and then adjusted in layers into the glass (adding spices and herbs). The dish is then let to marinate at room temperature for several days (usually 2-4) or in the cold for a week or two. Pickled cheese can be a great snack, dinner, or a tasty appetizer.

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