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Neula (comes from Latin "nebula" meaning "fog") is a type of Catalan biscuit, eaten traditionally on Christmas with cava (Catalan champagne) and torró. They are often dipped into cava.

Neula consist of a very thin sheet of a mixture of egg whites, butter, sugar and flour, flavored with lemon and rolled. Although they are typical on Christmas, they can sometimes be eaten during the rest of the year, for example with crema catalana or ice creams.

These delicious slim biscuits are characterized by a fine and light texture. At present there are some other popular versions, as neules stuffed with torró de Xixona or others covered with a chocolate lay.

Neules are usually bought by Catalans in professional patisseries. Though these biscuits originated in the Spain, they soon have become part of the global cuisine. Variations include the well-known Dutch stroopwafel and the Belgian Goffres.

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