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Ngo hiang

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Ngo Hiang (Chinese: 五香; pinyin: wǔxiāng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: ngó͘-hiong; or 虾卷) is a unique Hokkien/Teochew dish served in many of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore's hawker centres, in addition to its place of origin in eastern China.

It is essentially a composition of various meats and vegetables and other ingredients, such as a sausage-esque roll consisting of minced pork and prawn (or fish) seasoned with five-spice powder, rolled inside a beancurd skin and deep-fried, lup cheong, cucumber, century egg, ginger, deep-fried egg, deep-fried beancurd, fishball and many others. It is usually served with chili sauce and a house-special sweet sauce. Many stalls in Singaporean food courts and hawker centres sell fried bee hoon with ngo hiang; this combination is common for breakfast and lunch. In Indonesia, people enjoy ngo hiang with sambal sauce.

The term 'Ngo Hiang' is a Hokkien term, meaning 'five spice' - referring to the five-spice powder that is mixed in with the filling.

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