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Nohutlu Pilav

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Turkey is famous for its large variety of pilafs, with Nohutlu Pilav being one of the most popular. It is considered to originate at the time of Mehmet the Conqueror, and was served by Grand Vizier Mahmut Paşa. The story tells that Pasha had two kinds of chickpeas in his pilaf, natural chickpeas and golden. He called them "diş kirası", translated as 'tooth money'. There was a tradition among Turkish rich families to give poor people gifts during the Ramadan. And Mahmut Paşa created this Nohutlu Pilav with diş kirası instead of a gift.

The traditional version of Nohutlu Pilav has rice, chickpeas, butter and chicken broth as the main ingredients. It is cooked as a simple pilaf, and boiled chickpeas are added when rice is almost ready. It is very delicious on its own or as a side dish with meat.

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Nohutlu Pilav (Rice Pilaff with Chick Peas),

"Turkish Nohutlu Pilav (Chickpeas Pilaf)",

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