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Noyau de Poissy

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How and when exactly was started the production of Noyau de Poissy remains a mistery. The one certain thing is that since 1698 an innkeeper called Madame SUZANNE was proposing this drink to the clients of her establishment. It seems that in the 17th century Noyau de Poissy was regularly served in Parisian taverns.

Nowadays there are two varieties of Noyau de Poissy: Gobelet d'Argent and Sceau de Saint Louis. They are both made of apricot kernels the difference is that Gobelet d'Argent is macerated in cognac, it has a 30% concentration of alcohol, while Sceau de Saint Louis is macerated in armagnac and has an alcohol concentration of 40%. Sceau de Saint Louis has a taste with light notes of frangipane. Gobelet d'Argent has a more fruity flavor of peach kernels an vanilla.

The story behind the two varieties of Noyau de Poissy is a very long one. Here it is in a nutshell: before 1954 when both liquors became property of the same producer, there was a real commercial war between the two producers of Noyau de Poissy. Both Dumont who was producing the Gobelet d'Argent and Duval who was producing the Sceau de Saint Louis claimed that they were producing the only and real Noyau de Poissy. They even went so far that they wrote on the labels of their products the words “true” and “genuine” in order to assure their customers that they were buying the one and only real Noyau de Poissy. This so called war between the two Noyau de Poissy ended in 1954 when Dumont had to sell his business. Duval bought it and kept producing the two liquors until 1999 when the actual owner Pagès Védrenne took over.

The drink is an excellent digestif and is very popular in France. It is also used in the recipes of many main course dishes and desserts. Noyau de Poissy is available in very limited quantities only 60 to 80 thousand bottles are sold each year.

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