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O· bí-ko (烏米糕)

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O bi-ko 01.jpg

O• bí-ko (烏米糕, me shai [米血], hēimǐ gāo [黑米糕]) - a dish made from pork blood and rice, where the rice is first drenched in pork blood and then steamed, soaked in pork broth with soy sauce, usually cut into a rectangular piece topped with powdered peanut and cilantro and then served on a stick. The customer is also offered a big choice of dipping chili sauces and absolutely necessarily the soy sauce. The flavor and taste (predominantly sweet) of the chewy rice can wake up everyone’s appetite and interest in this dish. Although people can find with no difficulty O• bí-ko stalls in Taipei, there is a must-go place in Gongguan Market, Shao-li, where the best blood cakes are sold.

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