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Obložený Chlebíček

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Chlebicek is a traditional Czech sandwich which the Americans had given the name of "open faced sandwich". From the beginning, the small sandwiches consisted of ham, small pieces of egg, cheese, salami, tomato, and mayonnaise; but later it was decided to also garnish them with salads, various vegetables, sausages and fish, offering a different taste sensation. The dish is considered a delicatessen.

On the streets of Prague, visitors can always find special arranged places for “chlebicky”, where the choice is enormous. This makes Prague differ from the rest of the world when it comes to fast food. Most of the sandwiches in the Czech Republic are eaten cold, so the preparation must comply with strict hygiene regulations.

The inventor of these sandwiches is Joseph Paukert, the owner of the famous Prague deli called "At Paukert". People from all over the world have tasted its delicatessen. The original size of the sandwiches was smaller than today, but during the next years got a larger size, this way gaining popularity all over the world.

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