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Obstkuchen are called cakes prepared with either fresh or canned fruits (the tinned ones being rather rarely used as the modern trend is to use seasonal fruits). These cakes are often served in Germany with whipped cream and a cup of tea, coffee or any other non alcoholic beverage. The ingredients traditionally used to make this dessert are: puffy or layered dough, pastry, fruits and berries such as apples, pears, peaches, raspberries, etc. When prepared with yeast, the pie is baked without filling, in order to prevent soaking and the fruit is placed after baking, being sprinkled with sugar.

Fruit tarts are a variety of Obstkuchen and are also commonly referred to simple fruit pies where the fruit is put only on the already baked dough, into a kind of pie shell and coated with a sweet jelly; a well known example of fruit pie is the strawberry cake.

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Die Top 10 Obstkuchen-Rezepte der Woche,

Obstkuchen (Eischwerteig) - German Fresh Fruit Cake (egg-weight-dough),