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Obwarzanek krakowski

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The Obwarzanek (plural: Obwarzanki) is a Polish specialty pastry. It is distributed nationwide in Poland and is one of the traditional symbols of Krakow. This ring-shaped pastry has a long history and is characterized by a number of special features.

It is made by twisting two or three parallel dough strands around each other. The ends are connected but the links remain visible even after baking. Then it is blanched in boiling salted water. It is sprinkled on its one side with salt, poppy or sesame seeds and baked. Obwarzanki is about 12-17 cm in diameter and 3-4 cm thick and weigh 120-200 g. They are produced mainly by hand.


Obwarzanki originated in Krakow many centuries ago. They are first mentioned in the documents that date back to 1394.

Now it is considered a traditional product and is protected across the EU. In Krakow fresh Obwarzanki can be bought everywhere in the streets.

Obwarzanek krakowski is similar to Bajgiel.

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