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Olive Ascolane

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Olive Ascolane is an appetizer dish from Ascoli, in the Marches, best-known among the Italian stuffed olives. They are usually served cold with wines of natural acidity which emphasize the taste of olive oil and the amalgam of olive’s stuffing flavors. The large green olives are filled with a paste made from minced meat (pork, veal, beef, chicken, turkey), prosciutto cut into small pieces, Italian Parmesan and pecorino cheese, dry white wine, eggs, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and grated nutmeg which is used only for frying. A variety of other ingredients like: onion, garlic, lemon, celery stock, carrots, meat stock are added to this dish in order to enrich its taste and flavor. Italians usually prepare Olive Ascolane on special occasions such as Christmas and Easter, because they take rather much time to be prepared. Although these large olives were known in Roman times, the recipe of stuffed olives is more recent starting in the 17th century. Generally served as an appetizer they will also work well as a first course or a part of a plate with mixed fried food.

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