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Or Nee

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Or Nee, commonly known as yam paste, is a Teochew style dessert with sweet taste and creamy smooth consistency. In Singapore it is usually served with gingko nuts or pumpkin. The original Or Nee is thicker than its modern variations, and includes yam, lard, shallots, sugar, and different garnishing. First yam is chopped and steamed for half an hour until soft, then ready yam is blended together with lots of sugar and shallot oil until smooth. Lard is used instead of cooking oil to get a creamier texture. If it has too thick texture, some milk is added. The paste is continued to steam for another 10 minutes, then dish up. Depending on customer’s taste and wish, Or Nee is garnished with gingko, ground peanuts, cashew nuts, sliced almonds, pumpkin, fried shallots or other nuts and cut fruits.

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