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Oreja de cerdo (Pig's ear)

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Oreja de cerdo (salsa de tomate).jpg

The Oreja de cerdo (also known in popular culture as Oreja a la plancha) or in English Pig's ear is a kind of snack served in bars in Madrid. The dish consists of pig's ear roasted on a plate. The ear is chopped into cubes and strips and is grilled. There are usually two versions of pig's ear: natural or marinade, both are grilled and are characterized by cartilaginous texture, both are usually accompanied by spicy salsa. The roast is usually accompanied by garlic and finely chopped parsley (in this case called "Garlic Ear"), or by a spicy sauce sprinkled over it after taken from the plate (called in this case "Ear in spicy sauce" or "Oreja brava").

This dish is served in bars and is usually accompanied by a drink that can be a beer or wine.

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Oreja de cerdo,

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Oreja de cerdo a la plancha, una receta de casquería que está muy de moda,