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Oscypek z boczkiem

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Oscypek z boczkiem, literally translated as "cheese in bacon", is a perfect combination of flavor and aroma, widely consumed throughout the country.

Oscypek is a smoked cheese made using salted sheep's milk, with the addition of cow's milk strictly regulated by the protected recipe. The ingredients typically used to prepare this dish are: sheep cheese, large slices of bacon (or ham), a jar of cranberries, toothpicks. Preparation is not complicated as Oscypek is cut into equal parts. Each part is wrapped in thin slices of bacon, pinned with toothpicks and fried in butter or oil for some minutes until the bacon becomes crisp and the cheese softens and starts to melt. A teaspoon of cranberry or blueberry jam is then placed on each Oscypek. Oscypek z boczkiem is traditionally served warm, accompanied by a good wine. This is a very comforting appetizer, delicious, aromatic and it definitely deserves the top places on the "favorite dishes" list.

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Góralu, czy Ci nie żal, czyli garść opowieści znad wodospadu,


Oscypek z boczusiem i żurawiną …. mniam….pychota,