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Oud Hollandse tomatensoep

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Oud Hollandse tomatensoep, literally translated as "Old Dutch Tomato Soup", is a popular dish in the Netherlands. The soup is commonly made with tomatoes, onion, a carrot, chicken stock, olive oil, bay leaf, bacon or ham. It is seasoned with pepper and salt. The dish name mainly comes from the main ingredient - tomato, which is used in a big quantity here (1 kg). When the soup is ready it is put through a food mill, on smallest disc, for pure silkiness.

The taste and flavor of the dish are as rich as the constituents and people coming to visit this city do always put this meal in their “favorite courses” list. Oud Hollandse tomatensoep is served with crisp, wholegrain bread.

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Hollandse tomatensoep,

Oud Hollandse tomatensoep,

Old Dutch Tomato Soup,