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Párek v Rohlíku

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Parek v rohliku.jpg

The most common and traditional Czech food is considered to be párek v rohlíku (hot dog), which is a dish designed as fast food. It consists of boiled (sometimes grilled) sausage, or other similar juicy sausages, which is placed and served on fresh white hot dog buns or bagels along with a beer or a shot of vodka. It is usually garnished with condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, tasty Czech mustard, spices (salt, pepper, paprika) or herbs, adding also chopped onions, cabbage, cheese, sliced pickled cucumbers or other vegetables.

Some hot dogs are flavorless, while others are highly seasoned, depending on client's taste. The dish is sold mainly on the street, same as other types of fast food. In Prague, visitors can find lots of small hot dog stalls that smell absolutely divine.

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Párek v rohlíku,

Párek v rohlíku,

Ochutnejte nejlepší párek v rohlíku v Praze!,