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Pão de Ló

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Pão de Ló is another delicious dessert popular in Portugal. Basically, it is a cake made of eggs, sugar, flour and baking powder. The ingredients are mixed and baked. In Portugal, there are regional varieties of Pão de Ló that became symbols of these regions, such as Alfeizerão, to Ovar, to Margate and the Arouca. In Arouca, Pão de Ló is produced and packed for selling and it is called Pão de Ló de Arouca. In Italy, the same cake is called “Pan di Spagna” - the bread of Spain. It is believed that Pão de Ló was invented before eighteenth century in a monastery in Ovar, Portugal.

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Pão de ló,

Pão de ló,

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